: A blog can be defined as publication of thoughts maintained in a web page in reverse chronological order. Generally a blog is maintained by any individual with regular entries and comments which may be texts, images or links to other blogs. The interactive format of blogs allows any reader to leave comments. Posts or entries in any blog are updated quite frequently. Weblog is the term actually coined in this respect. The number of blogs has exploded from a few thousands to a few millions within the last few years owing to its popularity.

The two major categories of blogs are:

Personal Blogs: The most common form of blogs is the personal blogs. The way of maintaining an online ongoing diary by any individual, which reflects anyone’s thought or even his/her work allowing viewers to comment is generally referred to as personal blogs. Through personal blogs individuals can share thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family.

Business Blogs: Another form of blogs that provides a platform for communication between the customers or employees is called business blogs. Business blogs are generally aimed at promoting any business. Business blogs facilitates sharing of any company’s expertise. Business communities are greatly benefitted with the increasing number of blogs every day. Business blogs have gained immense exposure in enhancing communication, establishing public relations, connecting with potential customers, branding and even for building additional web traffic.

Business blogs have provided the small business owners an opportunity to make their business globally spread. Instead of investing time on learning web html or investing money on hiring a designer/developer, small business owners can afford to make their web presence by only maintaining a business blog.

It is both much easier as well as inexpensive to update the weblog than to contact a web designer to modify or change the contents of a web site. Blogs may not have the functionalities of a web page, but its cost effectiveness has given the small business owners a scope to make their internet presence.

Sharing of knowledge and expertise with a large number of audiences is another feature the business blogs has to offer. On one hand a business blog provides the opportunity for powerful marketing and on the other hand facilitates sharing as also exchange of knowledge through comments and views.

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